Window Security

All of our Windows have a high level of security as standard. With further enhancement to standards where our windows are accredited by Secure By Design (SBD) specification. Further to this, hinge protectors, hinge stays and laminated glass can be fitted to increase security to maximum levels.

Windows are available with Yale High Security locks, with Secured By Design specification and are the ‘Police Preferred Specification’. This being the UK Police flagship as uses core principles and ideas to ‘design out crime’ and make prevention the best cure.

With both quality and security to mind, here are the basic elements to window security:

a. Internally beaded for added security
b. Security glazing which benefits from the strength of laminated glass (optional)
c. Central reversing claws operate in opposite directions providing a secure lock
d. Locking hooks for additional hinge protection (optional)
e. Substantial die cast keep to retain reversing claws providing secure locking including night vent facility
f. Cranked handle (optional) easy to use, offset design with push button release

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Child Security

With our windows, we make child safety as serious and primary concern. Hence why we have an effective window safety device that cannot be disengaged accidentally. The Boa Restrictor is an very effective device for keeping children safe. This simple device requires a 2 handed operation to dis-engage it. It’s key less and automatically re-engages, securing the window again when closed.

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