Whether building a new porch, extending or refurbishing an existing porch, you can breathe fresh life into just about any property, house or project. Small, medium or large, the style enhancement and additional levels of comfort and feeling of security can be dramatic and extremely satisfying.

The house style can be integrated and replicated, or a stark contrast created to effect the style of your choice. With additional benefits of potential increased saleability and value, the payback period is not as lengthy as the larger expense of extensions to property. We will happily help you with style and design, to maximise the use of permitted development rights or assist in applying for planning permission for anything larger. You decide and we assist in making it all happen.

Timber, PVCu, colours and choice of grains and finishes, the window and door options are tremendous. No limits or boundaries to get your creative juices flowing.

Then for the roof; there are considerable choices with regard to the roof design and roof material. Choices include, but not limited to Lean-to, Edwardian, Full Gabel fronted, Lean-to with hips, using traditional or hi-tech slate, tile or felt. Not forgetting flat roof options, composite, fibreglass and felt options. Then the Internal ceiling can be vaulted, suspended or normal and lighting, electrics can be taken care of along with floor laying or tiling to your specific requirements. Not forgetting skylight that could be integrated to get additional light through the internal door.

The Devil is in the Detail and we are strong on the detail from the beginning to the end of the agreed schedule and scope of works. Start strong and finish stronger.

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