The cost of moving can easily run into multiples of £10,000’s and not to mention how moving house is one of the most stressful manoeuvres that you can put yourself and family through. To that end, it’s an obvious thought to consider opening the house up into the garage and maximising the space which is most often used as a junk space or storage area. If you have two car parking spaces or have the ability to increase the parking spaces to the front of your property by widening the drive, it also makes sense.

Building regulations have to be applied for and the necessary inspections made for compliance and final sign off by the building inspector, however, it is rare that planning permission is required as you are just changing use of the existing volume inside of the footprint of your property. Building inspectors work well with contractors, guiding and being useful, as have a wealth of knowledge by virtue of their experience and expertise. The bottom-line being that this gives you the full peace of mind that your project will be finished compliant and signed off by professionals from your local council.

The front of the garage where the original door was fitted, can be filled in after a new structural foundation and footing is in place, integrating the damp-proof course. Choose from the styles of large frames, brick wall build up with new windows or a bay window. Maybe render to match the house, or even retain the garage door for a smaller area and have a front store and the back of the garage as much needed utility space. The choices are limitless and we can advise as required to make sure that you get the style and design that is best suited to your needs.

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