The Affordable Home Improvements Ltd team have a see through, no quibble or aggravation policy when it comes to construction work. Our agreements are very comprehensive to create a trusting relationship with our clients.

Therefore any additional or extra work is individually priced, agreed and a VOC – variation of contract (agreement) put together in writing or email and has to be confirmed before we start the additional or extra work.


Please be advised that we are very traditional in our approach so if it is something absolutely minor and borderline ridiculous to mention it, we will not, we just overcome and not allow minor issues to stop our progress. For simple issues, the stoppage of labour that we lose negates any requirements of overcoming simple problems that were not foreseen. Allowing common sense, pride and trust to win the day.

Quite simply, we are good at what we do and to that end, we will get on with the job and do our utmost to do you proud.

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