At Affordable Home Improvements Ltd we are truly passionate about all of our conservatory work. No project is too small or too big and we have a genuine interest in your well-being and you getting the right advice for your individual job. We have knowledge that has been grown over 25 years of industry experience and can relate to all of the realities about the living with a conservatory that is not performing or creating a new installation from just a base idea.

If you have lived with a conservatory for many years and have had your bubble burst to its disadvantages and still need that living space, then please do not fret as we can help you achieve ambience again. We can take what was a non-effective large bolt on fridge and oven to your property, and make simple and effective changes to turn it back into usable floor space.

Our secret is knowledge. Knowledge is power. We guarantee our work and expedite it to the highest standard. We genuinely want your referrals and recommendations to our cost effective solutions and will do you proud.

Our professional integrity and customer treatment is second to non and we will always do exactly as we have diagnosed in way of cost effective, life enhancing solution.

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